The Electronic Registering of Deeds has just taken a giant leap forward

Electronic recording of Deeds in Massachusetts | New England Title and Escrow Senator Eileen M. Donoghue of the First Middlesex District has introduced Legislation to require that all registries of deeds must be fully capable of recording documents in an electronic form by July 1, 2014. In the Senate docket, No. 290, Senator Donoghue is looking to add an amendment that could make electronic registering of deeds a more streamlined and efficient process.

As many of you know, New England Title and Escrow as well as Fitzpatrick & Associates P.C., have been focused on the electronic recording and paperless closing solutions here in Massachusetts. We’ve made it a priority for our company to set the standard for the real estate and lending industry to utilize electronic registering of deeds. Right now, the process to register a deed in Massachusetts is quite antiquated as well as costly. By requiring all registries of deeds be capable of recording documents in an electronic form, we can also eliminate the  exorbitant amount of paper that goes along with every closing we do.

In another event earlier this Month, New England Title and Escrow as well as Fitzpatrick & Associates P.C., Owner and Real Estate Attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick was appointed by Governor Patrick to be a member of the Registry of Deeds Efficiency and Modernization Commission that was recently formed to help outline and implement real change in the Registry of Deeds in Massachusetts.

What’s next for Electronic Registering of Deeds?

As we watch these events unfold, we can’t help but be very excited about the future of the electronic registering of deeds and other paperless solutions for our industry. That said, we know the road is still long and we could use your help! If you have any suggestions to bring to the Registry of Deeds Efficiency and Modernization Commission that you feel could benefit both the real estate industry as well as your clients, please feel free to contact us with your comments and input or pick up the phone and give us a call at 978-640-0620!


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